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Gen Con So Cal, Blood and Water expansion and more!

Those South Carolinians are lucky!
Makes me want to take a plane over there to take part of the huge FMA TCG scene going on over there. It's so hard to get one started over here, since people haven't really heard of the game all that much. :x Anyways, if any of you guys and gals were lucky enough to go to this, tell us your personal experience in here!


The Blood and Water expansion is finally here! Did you guys go out and get yourselves some awesome cards? Tell us what cool cards you got in here! :D Me and a friend of mine ordered our decks online, so we're still anxiously waiting for those to come. *nods*

Joyride has already put up a list of the current available cards from the Blood and Water expansion. It's located here. I'm defently keeping an eye out for that Envy, Copycat Chase card. And a few others too, they sound so awesome, yo!

Blood and Water articles are going to start appearing in some popular anime and gaming magazines. Such as IQGamer and Anime Insider, as well as Beckett Anime, which will have a new FMA TCG price guide, beginning next issue. Scrye will have an FMA TCG cover and strategy by Lead Designer Ian Ryan. Keep your eyes peeled for those! Wonder if some of those magazines will include some cards...


With Blood and Water having just come out, JoyRide announces that they're almost ready to make announcements about their next expansion for 2006. With:"One of them should really knock your socks off!" being said, it makes me real curious as to what kind of cards they'll be planning for that expansion!

Well, that's all for now. Though lemme say one thing, you guys are absolutely free to make any posts relating to the TCG, so go ahead and do so! This community is made for you guys and I want to know some of your input! Until next time, later, yo! *poofs*
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