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Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card Game

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All Members , Moderated
Hihi! Welcome to the Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card game community! The FMA TCG is an exciting new game from JoyRide Entertainment that lets you take on the role of the Elric brothers or one of the other heroes or villains from the manga and anime. You’ll journey from cities to mountain villages to scorching deserts in your search for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. But careful! You’re not the only one who’s looking for the Stone. Other teams of adventurers oppose you at every turn, and sometimes the only way to win is to be the last team standing. Victory won’t be easy, but the rewards are unimaginable.

Things that are encouraged...
-Talking about premier events and new cards
-Asking for help in building decks
-Posting a deck you've made for other to comment on
-Trading with other members or posting auction links from E-bay
-Talking about bonus cards appearing in FMA manga, DVDs or elsewhere.
-Really, any talk about the card game in itself. ;P

Things that are NOT encouraged...
-taipinG LIek D15!!111one LOLOLOOLLOLOL. Seriously folks, I think you all know how to type correctly, so I'd advise you do so.
-Trashing other people's decks or cards. Or trashing other people. I won't tolerate it. So don't even think about it.
-Talking about the FMA show. Yeah, we all love it, but this community is for the TCG, not the show.
-Promoting other communities over and over again. Once should be enough. You CAN also post about cards and accesories being sold at some website. *nods*

That's all, yo! Now go and have fun with the game and post lots! :D

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