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A few intereting things to share, yo!

We already know that there was (and still are in SOME stores) the FMA manga #3 with that Lust card in it, but will there be more card inserts like that in manga, magazines or elsewhere? Oh yes, there will be. In fact, the next time you see one will be in the FMA DVD volume #6. The card will be Scar, Ishbala's Crusaider. So be on the lookout when that DVD comes out!

Blood and Water premier card: Tim Marcoh, Clever Deserter
Seems like a good card except that you need +1 alchemy and you have to show your cards to your opponent. Discuss your opinion on the new card. :] Also, you can find more preview cards on other than the official TCG site. *nod*


Blood and Water by the numbers
25 Chase cards- Holy Zen! :O
7 Cards named “Envy”-OMG, must have, yo! xD

This looks exciting! Can't wait for these cards to come out! *jump of joy* :D


Blood and Water pre-release list
For a list of the place where they're going to have the pre-release events. More *might* be added to the list. Just remember that the pre-release event is this coming weekend! So if you're near these locations, go and get yourself some cards, yo! ;P The only other chance you'll have is to wait all the way until November 9th, when is when the actual Blood and Water cards go on sale! *nodnod*


FMA TCG Regions Announced
Interesting thing here, folks. Areas around the US and other areas such as Hawaii, Australia and the Unied Kingdoms have been given the FMA town names for use in the regional championships! Like North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee,and Kentucky is Central Cinty, and Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma,and Arkansas is Ishbal. I thought it was pretty neat! It's also neat how you can become a "State Alchemist" by getting a FMA TCG scene going on around in your town!

Well, that's all for now! *poofs*
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