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New card, and some other updates, yo!

Claire,Selfless Benefactor
It takes the top two cards of your opponents deck and puts them in the bottom of their deck. Not as useful as discarding your opponents cards, but at least you can make them wait if you happen to nab their "Godly" cards to the bottom of their pile. *nods*


State Alchemists List updated!
A list of the current "State Alchemists" from different places. You can also become one, just inquire for some information by e-mail.


Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card Game hits the century mark!
"Prices for Fullmetal Alchemist TCG singles continue to soar, with a new high reached earlier this week on eBay. Several chase and transmutated (plastic) cards have been going for $50 and up, but a new high was set last Oct. 26. A copy of Roy Mustang, Master Manipulator sold for $102.50, breaking the previous observed record for a single card of $91, paid for a Lust, Femme Fatale chase card on Sept. 21"
-Taken from the official site

I actually saw as the prices went rising, since me and a friend of mine were hunting for good cards on eBay. We couldn't believe how high those prices went! It was insane, yo!


Also, the premier for the Blood and Water was last weekend. Did any of you get to go? I didn't get to go since the nearest place having the darn premier was Chapel Hill, NC, and I'm all the way over in Winston-Salem, NC. :/ If you did happen to go, tell us about it! :D?

Speaking of Blood and Water, the release of the new cards is November 9th! Are you getting excited yet? I sure am. :D Can't wait to get my hands of some of those cards!

That's all for now. Feel free to discussing anything! ;] *poofs*
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